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Steve Creasy September 20, 2006 Questions: 1. The image is inverted and reversed because it enters the camera in a straight line. Light from the top of the image is angled downwards, making the perceived top of the real image appear at the bottom of the pinhole image. Each point of light enters the human eye the same way, however the brain is wired to reverse and invert the image so that the world does appear “upside down”. 2. The pinhole is the “lens” of the eye, and allows light to enter the camera, while
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Unformatted text preview: the small size of the hole focuses the light on the back of the camera. Inside the camera, the paper acts as the retina and catches the projected image. The cardboard outside of the camera acts as the sclera in the eye, protecting the inner part of the camera. The camera is different from the eye because its lens does not change in thickness to focus the light on the paper/retina, and the...
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