Exploring Gas Behavior

Exploring Gas Behavior - by the group members in one minute...

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Steve Creasy, Kristin Kopp, Jamie Lavin, Mike Kump GISAT 112, Section 2 Exploring Gas Behavior Lab Abstract: The lab has three main objectives: measuring a breath of air, weighing air, and investigating the behavior of an ideal gas. To measure a breath of air, a balloon was filled with a single breath by each group member and then placed into a beaker of water, and the volume of the balloon was calculated using the water displacement method. The number of breaths taken
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Unformatted text preview: by the group members in one minute was counted and averaged. The volume of air inhaled in one day was calculated using the averaged numbers. For the second objective, weighing air, a 2L bottle was filled with air and weighed. The air was slowly released and multiple measurements were taken until the bottle reached 0psi. ADD RESULTS To investigate the properties of an ideal gas, a 2L bottle was filled to a measured level...
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