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Auditory Scene Analysis - 4 That tendency would indicate...

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Steve Creasy 10/27/2006 Auditory Scene Analysis 1. There are four distinct sound sources: guitar, vocals, bass guitar, drums/cymbals. 2. Harmonicity indicates that the tones will be grouped together, and the different tones from the instruments will be perceived as coming from one source. 3. Using experience, we know that the cymbals and drums should be grouped as one sound source-the drum set. Without this knowledge, we may perceive the drums to be played by one band member, and the cymbals as being played by another member; however, since most bands have one drummer for both cymbals and drums, we are able to group the cymbals and drums together.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. That tendency would indicate spatial separation, which is when a person determines where the sound is originating before determining the cause of the sound. 5. Spectral and temporal relationships would help the listener group the tones to a single instrument because the tones are harmonic, have similar onsets, similar frequency ranges, and a short timing between separate tones. To change the relationships to make it less likely, one would have to deharmonize the tones, and space the tones out so that the timing and onset would not be characteristic of originating from a single sound source....
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