study1 - Cell nucleus contains an identical complement of...

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Cell nucleus contains an identical complement of chromosomes in two copies Each copy is a genome Each chromosome is one long DNA molecule Genes are regions of the DNA In nucleus, mRNA is transcribed from DNA then transported to the cytoplasm for translation into polypeptide chain. Genetic Material Criteria Diversity of structure-have various forms Ability to replicate- need to be copied so it can be passed on from parent to offspring Mutability- capable of undergoing changes Translation- is able to express Repetitive DNA is “junk” DNA Three “flavors” of genetics Transmission- inheritance, mutations, ratio of prodigy Molecular- forward, reverse Population- change in frequency of alleles Forward genetics- genes are identified by mutant alleles and phenotypes and latr cloned and subjected to molecular analysis Reverse genetics- cloned segment of DNA or protein sequence is used to introduce programmed mutations back into the genome to investigate its function Albinos don’t have tyrosinase enzyme, which is needed to make melanin. Restriction enzymes cut DNA at sequence specific sites Polymerase chain reaction is a way of amplifying the DNA. First heat the DNA so that it breaks apart and let it cool slowly so that it can come back together. Shows an exponential amplification of a targeted sequence. Humans n=23 2n=46 Diploid (2n)- two identical chromosome set Haploid (n)- number of chromosomes in basic set Phenotypes- 3:1 1:1 Genotype- 1:2:1 Homozygous dominant AA Heterozygous Aa Homozygous recessive aa Single locus cross: Genotypic ratio P Genotype F1 Genotype
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study1 - Cell nucleus contains an identical complement of...

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