4.28 American Studies 100

4.28 American Studies 100 - together but still have there...

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American Studies 100 Wednesday, April 28th, 1999 Announcements: Pick up final papers on Friday at 9:05 am in 258 Willard Lecture notes: Disney World The virtual landscape replaces the literal Culture replaces nature Locales based on films/movies Virtual landscape of production and consumption Can consume Disney nationwide - movies and other Disney products Tries to create Utopian ideal Cities The centers of environments for humans Much of the contemporary city life is mostly a reproduction of something else Ability of communications o phone o computer o satellites Center of production and consumption Salad Mixture Movement Rather than coming together where there are no differences, people come
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Unformatted text preview: together but still have there distinct characteristics (flavors) "The School" Dramatic Monologue Teacher enunciates goal, but everything seems to die; rationalization after rationalization What is the lesson being taught? What kind of responsibility is being taught? Adult world permeating into classroom through the teacher Irresponsible adult world surrounding classroom Outside world coming into classroom Moving from death to sexuality - introduction of the "mysteries of life" The lesson of responsibility is lost, but is the lesson of love lost???...
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4.28 American Studies 100 - together but still have there...

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