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Danielle Boudreau Women In Music 80S Women In Music Vocabulary Session 1- 9/27 Timbre : The tonal quality of sound a side from its pitch or loudness Texture : refers to the vertical aspects of a musical structure for example the way in which individual parts or voices are put together. Mix : A term used to denote the sequencing and mixing together of tracks to create a multilayered fluid stream of music. Strophic Form (verse-chorus form) : A term applied to songs in which all stanzas of the text are sung to the same music, in contrast to those that are through composed and have new music for each stanza. Subject/Object : A polarity used to describe whether or not people act of their own violation or are acting in a certain way for the sake of consumption/others’ approval. Stereotype : A pre convinced and over simplified idea of the characteristics, which typify a person, situation. Hegemony : Leadership, predominance, preponderance, especially the leadership or authority. Session 2- 10/2: Women In World Music Essentialism : The ideal that larger complicated issues can be simplified to true “essence,” that somehow distills characteristics down to a few core elements (much like a stereotype). Orientalism : Representation of Asia and Asian cultures (esp. Middle East) in western are, music, or literature, which is often essentialist, and colonialist in nature. The “Others” : “Not the self.” A term used in social theory to describe representation of non-western cultures or peoples that are created by western artists and scholars often based on their own fantasy. Monophony : One or more voices performing a single line of music. Polyphony : Multiple lines of music sounding at once. Diegetic Music (vs. Non-Diegetic Music) : In television and video it is music that is portrayed on screen as it is heard. Music you see being performed on screen (Diegetic). Soundtracks (Non-Diegetic).
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WomenInMusicVocab - Danielle Boudreau Women In Music 80S...

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