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ILROB November 28, 2007 I. Beyond the person: Designing a creative environment a. Intrinsic Motivation Principle i. When people do something they enjoy without reward, they attribute their behavior to their love for the activity or the intrinsic interest of the task itself ii. When people are paid, they attribute their behavior to incentive (I did it for the money) and are less likely to engage in that activity when the incentive is removed b. Guiding Metaphor: Exploring the Maze i. Key Question: Can a person’s environment raise or lower their intrinsic motivation which will in turn influence their creativity ii. Maze Metaphor: extrinsically motivated person will take shortest way out (paid person) in order to exit as quickly as possible. Intrinsically motivated person will explore the maze because it is interesting and in the process will find a more unique exit c. How organizations kill creativity i. Subjects: Professional creative writers using newspaper advertisements 1. Writers: If you are involved in writing, especially poetry,
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Unformatted text preview: fiction, or drama, you can make three dollars for an hour of your time. We are studying peoples reasons for writing 2. Subjects came to the experiment with a high level of involvement in writing a. Manipulation: subjects completed a questionnaire about their attitudes b. They either got an intrinsically based questionnaire or an extrinsically based questionnaire to predetermine their motivation for the study 3. Three important findings: a. Control group produced poems that were rated as being highly creative (not surprising since they were creative writers) b. Subjects in intrinsic motivation environment were slightly more creative than control group c. Subjects in extrinsic environment were much less creative than either control or intrinsic group Final: December 12 th 7:00 p.m. at BT West (huge indoor track behind ILR) Barton 20 multiple choice on textbook and lecture only One essay question: 7 to study, two on test, only choose one to write on...
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