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PharmCAS Applicant PCAT Scores for Fall 2004 Enrollment DATA AS OF 06/28/2004 PCAT Section PCAT Description Average PCAT Scores for All PharmCAS Applicants* Average PCAT Scores for Accepted PharmCAS Applicants** Verbal Verbal Ability Score 213.41 220.9 VerbalPerc Verbal Ability Percentile 53.56 65.28 Biology Biology Score 223.38 230.17 BioPerc Biology Percentile 64.29 75.98 Reading Reading Comprehension Score 209.74 215.01 ReadPerc Reading Comprehension Percentile 53.15 65.49 QuantAbil Quantitative Ability Score 217.71 224.31 QuantPerc Quantitative Ability Percentile 58.74 70.73 Chemistry Chemistry Score
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Unformatted text preview: 221.18 228.56 ChemPerc Chemistry Percentile 64.39 78.63 Composite Composite Score 217.09 223.8 CompPerc Composite Percentile 62.01 78.17 * Complete / Mailed applicants only. Individual applicants may have reported multiple PCAT test scores. Average based on all test scores received for complete/mailed applicants "offer made", "offer accepted", "offer declined", "offer deferred", or "matriculated" * Number of complete/mailed PharmCAS applicants (by gender) with one or more of the following admission codes received:...
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