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Chapter 1 Types of communication: Human Communication-consists of the sending and receiving of verbal and non verbal messages between two or more people. o Skills of human comm. Self presentation skills Relationship skills Interviewing skills Group interaction and leadership skills Presentation skills Media literacy skills --Forms of human comm. Intrapersonal comm. Interpersonal comm. Interviewing Small group comm. Public comm. Computer mediated comm. Mass comm. --Ethnic identity: the ability to learn your culture’s ways --Ethnocentrism: tendency to see others and their behaviors through your own cultural filters, often as distortions of your own behaviors. Chapter 2 --Self-concept: the image you see of yourself --Looking glass self: you’d look at the image of yourself that others reveal to you through the way they communicate with you. -- Dyadic effect: (what one person does the other person also does) probably leads you to feel more secure and reinforces your own self-disclosing behavior. --Steps to self-disclosing 1) Stimulation 2) Organization 3) Interpretation-evaluation 4) Memory 5) Recall --Halo effect: function of the implicit personality theory. If you believe a person has some positive qualities you’re likely to infer that she or he also possesses other positive qualities. --Self-fulfilling prophecy: occurs when you make a prediction that comes true because you act on it as if it were true.
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reviewtest1 - Chapter 1 Types of communication Human...

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