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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF – 8-10 page paper (Minimum 2500 words) Provide some general background on the work (dates, authors, cast, length of run etc.) Please consider the following questions when studying Fiddler . It is suggested that you listen to the cast album and read the script simultaneously if possible (i.e. read the script up until the point that a musical number commences, play the song, then continue with the script.) This may help you better understand the musical’s construction and formulate your own opinion on the work. Provide some general background on the work (dates, authors, cast, length of run etc.) 1. What is the function of each song in the score? 2. Talk about the song “Tevye’s Dream” in detail. Why does he sing it? Does he accomplish his goal? 3.
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Unformatted text preview: What makes Fiddler’s story universal and not just a story the plight of Russian Jews at the turn of the century? 4. What is the basic theme of the show? 5. Is the form of this show based upon the Rodgers and Hammerstein model as discussed in class? Why or why not? You may talk about any other elements of the show you find interesting once you have addressed those areas above. NOTE: A Bibliography is required if you quote from any outside source material (this especially includes the internet!). Remember words taken from the outside are not your own. You must use these sparingly (if at all) to get the extra credit for the course. The vast majority of the paper must be your own thinking in your own words. Due Date: Friday, December 21, 2007 – 10:00 p.m....
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