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Ilrob October 10, 2007 Team Projects (1 Page): A.) Which organization have you decided to study? B.) Why have you chosen this one? C.) What are some potential issues that you plan to address? Guest Lecturer: I. Status a. Prominence, respect, and influence individuals enjoy in the eyes of others b. Specific status cues i. People are believed to vary in the degree to which they possess a characteristic ii. Education, socio-economic standing c. Why is status important? i. Negotiation: Low status people do not like negotiating ii. Man often receive higher pay d. People with less status i. Problem in teams 1. Participate less 2. Conform more 3. More tentative in speech 4. More submissive
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Problem in organizations 1. Slow entry of women and minorities to top ranks of organizations 2. Proposed solution a. Addition of one or two women or minority to act as advocates: cascade effect b. Key Research Question: Will low status numerical minorities in high prestige groups act as advocates for similar others? e. Experimental Manipulation i. Manipulation of group prestige 1. Deans focus group (high) 2. Secretary’s independent (low) ii. Low status individuals in a high prestige group more likely to choose dissimilar other iii. Low status individuals in low prestige group were more likely to chose similar others...
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