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Project 1 - Writing Sample - When Summer Ends When I...

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When Summer Ends When I started my freshman year at Lawrence, my parents had contemplated moving near campus. At sixteen, I was a bit young for living in the dorms. The only other option was a half hour commute, which is Wisconsin winters could be quite treacherous. While looking for houses my Mom stumbled across a park on the corner of Union and Franklin. Although there were no houses for sale, she had been shocked by the quiet beauty of the park. Whenever I voyaged to the park I was always aware of the peacefulness around. It would be extremely rare if I ran in to many people. The park seemed to be a rare anomaly in the hustle and bustle of College Avenue. With classes finished in June, I have never been able to see the park in its full glory of summer. When the children go back to school and it is no longer warm outside, what is left is the park when summer ends. The park located behind the Lawrence University conservatory, is surrounded by twenty seven houses. Along with residential property, it is also a prime place for Lawrence students to park during the day. At all times there are at least ten cars parked on one of the four streets around the park. Because of its offset from College Avenue, the park is not usually high in traffic. I tried to go to the park at various times throughout the day. My hopes were to find when the park was the busiest, and what kind of people would be there. I thought maybe I would even see the same people as they played tennis, or sat and ate lunch underneath the gazebo. My hopes were quickly halted when
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I realized the unpredictability of fall weather. With wind, rain, and even hail, I wondered who would want to go to the park. The following is a brief description of the park and the four blocks of Drew, North, Union, and Franklin: Section A. North – The first and clearly the northern of the streets is closest to the gazebo and the large playground. North has a total of nine houses. Section B. Union - Union has a total of six houses. In general it was the most active street where I encountered people. Union also is the location of a two story white house where an older man frequently smoked in front of. The large playground is on the corner of Union, as is tennis court. Section C. Franklin - Franklin only has three houses on it, along with
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Project 1 - Writing Sample - When Summer Ends When I...

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