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Exam 2 Study Guide - growth rate What is China’s...

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ITS 201 Spring 2008 Exam 2 Study Guide Part I – Identification (50 points) Please identify the following terms and their significance. (10 points each) Evo Morales John Foster Dulles Ngo Dinh Diem Meiji Restoration One Child Policy Mujahadin Jawaharlal Nehru Cuban Missile Crisis Vladimir Putin Simon de Bolivar “Good Neighbor” policy FARC Part II – Map (50 points) Please locate the following countries on a map. (5 points each) Pakistan Kazakhstan Argentina Bangladesh Papua New Guinea Bolivia Vietnam Thailand Colombia Indonesia Nepal Nicaragua Afghanistan Venezuela Cuba Part III – Essay (100 points) Please answer the following questions with a coherent argument. Be sure to include references to relevant readings where applicable. (100 points each) 1. In recent years, China’s economy has grown at approximately 10% annually. How did changes in China’s political and economic policies lead to this incredible
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Unformatted text preview: growth rate? What is China’s relationship with the United States? What does the rising power theory predict about this relationship? What issues have the potential to produce conflict between the two nations and what issues encourage diplomatic cooperation? 2. What is an economic hitman according to John Perkins? What is his view of American empire in comparison to earlier empires? How does Perkins critique American empire and globalization? Is his story believable? 3. According to Stephen Kinzer, the United States has embarked on a century of regime change around the world. What are the motivations for American intervention? What are the phases of the American interventionist impulse? Characterize each one and provide an example....
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  • Cold War, Pakistan Bangladesh Vietnam Indonesia Afghanistan Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Thailand Nepal Venezuela Argentina Bolivia Colombia Nicaragua Cuba, Nehru Vladimir Putin, Morales Ngo Dinh, Foster Dulles Meiji

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