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Ilrob October 24, 2007 Groupthink I. Overview: a. Common Assumption: Two heads are better than one i. Complex and important decisions often made by groups ii. Economic, legal, military b. Today: Review research on the problems with group decision making c. Brief History i. Pearl Harbor 1. Advance Warning of attack: Military commanders received information about Japanese plans to attack pearl harbor 2. Failed to send air reconnosance which could have given warning 3. Result: No alert was sounded until attack 4. Loss of 18 ships, 170 planes, 3700 lives ii. Bay of Pigs 1. 1961 Kennedy and advisors tried to overthrow Castro by supporting invasion of Cuba with 1400 CIA trained Cuban Exiles 2. Believed that troops could escape to Mountains, but they were too far away 3. Created Alliance between Cuba and USSR which gave rise to Cuban Missile Crisis d. Groupthink Defined: The mode of thinking that persons engage in when concurrence-seeking becomes so dominant in cohesive in-group that it tends to over-ride realistic appraisals of alternative courses actions
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IlrobOctober24 - Ilrob Groupthink I Overview a Common...

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