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ITS 201 Spring 2008 Exam 1 Study Guide Part I – Identification (50 points) Please identify the following terms and their significance. (10 points each) Realism (political theory) Marxism (economic theory) David Addington Fixed exchange rate Colombian Exchange World Bank Kashmir European Coal and Steel Community Iranian Revolution of 1979 Fascism Mercator Projection Theo van Gogh Part II – Map (50 points) Please locate the following countries on a map of Europe. (5 points each) Portugal Ireland Czech Republic Norway Ukraine Poland Finland Latvia Hungary Denmark Netherlands Greece Switzerland Belgium Serbia Part III – Essay (100 points) Please answer the following questions with a coherent argument. Be sure to include references to relevant readings where applicable. (50 points each) 1. Globalization continues to shape our modern world. Define this term in your own words. What are the major institutions that encourage globalization? Who has
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Unformatted text preview: benefited from it? What are its drawbacks? 2. Identify the two sides of the argument over presidential power presented in the Frontline documentary “Cheney’s Law.” How did September 11 and the Iraq War intensify the debate? Present an argument that supports either side. 3. Jared Diamond’s theory as presented in his book and documentary “Guns, Germs and Steel” presents a geographical explanation for the vast inequality between groups of human beings. Explain Diamond’s theory and its implications. Can you offer a critique of this theory? 4. Since 1945 Europe has had to adjust to a new role in the international system. The creation of the European Union was one way in which Europeans tried to confront changing political and economic realities. What challenges does the European Union face in the future? What are the major issues facing Europe as a whole?...
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