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History2.5.08 - Political game Both parties(N S were...

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Political game: Both parties (N & S) were corrupted. The gilded age: the government is paid for by the railroads, Stock swindling, corrupt politicians Politicians blamed corruption on Irish immigrants, who mostly voted Democrat Irish catholic immigrants: ignorant, superstitious, barbarous Democratic party strategy blamed the Freedmen in the South Objections: Republican party in the South, AT ALL. The southern Democrats hated the Mississippi government because it was NOT corrupt. Corruption in the South was initiated by “carpet baggers” and “scalawags” The south was a frontier: large areas had not been economically developed; what economic infrastructure existing pre-civil war had been destroyed. The south needed money. Taxes in the South during reconstruction than b4 the civil war. Attributed to “republican party corruption in the South” Not the level, but the kind: Land and Cotton. Where did the money go? New Social services (making the poor happier). VERY FEW PROVISIONS PRE-CIVIL WAR.
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