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Government Question One

Government Question One - Govt 220 Professor Grose Martin...

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Govt 220 Professor Grose 5/30/05 Martin Van Buren through his reformation of his party helped to solve the collective action problem in the context of voter mobilization. The collective action problem for a candidate is how to get more people to go vote for them rather than their opponent, and how to get workers and resources to get information out. This problem is especially difficult when it comes to mobilizing voters. As stated in Aldrich, since the probability the voter’s vote will count is relatively zero, this gives the voter no reason to vote. Instead the person will free ride off of the other people who have voted. Which means by not voting, people can collect the benefits from the elected candidate just like the people who voted. The second problem that is faced in mobilizing voters is the high cost of information. Even if the probability to vote doesn’t matter for the voter, the cost to find out who the candidates are may cause them not to vote.
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