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Analytic paper 1 - Phelps 1 EJ Phelps Global Animated Film...

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Phelps 1 EJ Phelps Global Animated Film Analytic paper 1 Professor Hannold Analyzing Animated Propaganda There are many films that can shine a light on the inner workings of humanity and our society as a whole, especially during wartime. They can bring into focus the issues facing society, the need to band together as a country, or personify the enemy in a negative light. The animated film “Scrap Happy Daffy” by Frank Tashlin utilizes all of these things while effectively being dramatic through a variety of film techniques. By using techniques such as synecdoches, symbolism, and metamorphosis the animation stays interesting while underscoring important principles related to World War II. The main premise of the animation is that Daffy is in charge of the collection of metals for the war effort. Daffy is very proud of this massive mound of metal and feels extremely patriotic. The Germans get wind of this incredible collection and a sequence of scenes and Hitler sends out a submarine after some less than flattering antics. The submarine sends a torpedo towards the heap and just when it looks like its going to hit land, it stops short and a goat pops out, which will eat anything, and begins to devour the collection of metal. Once he realizes that the goat has a Nazi collar around it, the two fight until the goat gets the best of Daffy. This is when Daffy gets a visit from some ancestors. One is a Pilgrim, one looks like George Washington, the third is Daniel Boon, and the fourth is a naval captain. With this new found strength, Daffy becomes a
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Phelps 2 superhero, Super American. He chases the goat away and turns his sights on the Nazi submarine. But as it turns out, it was all a dream. Or was it?
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Analytic paper 1 - Phelps 1 EJ Phelps Global Animated Film...

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