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Analytic paper 2

Analytic paper 2 - Phelps 1 EJ Phelps Analytical paper 2...

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Phelps 1 EJ Phelps Analytical paper 2 Global Animated Film A Detective Through the Looking Glass The universe created by The Matrix has been widely replicated and is one of the easiest universes to expand on. This is exactly what The Animatrix does in a series of eight segments. One particular segment sets itself apart from all of the others for a variety of reasons. “A Detective Story” by Shinichiro Watanabe is a section of the anime in black and white that exhibits heightened suspense during the whole short. For this short, I will be focusing on the train scenes towards the end of the segment. This scene meets the dramatic needs of the science fiction genre by thanks of many principles and elements. In particular, these few scenes are the most dramatic and suspenseful scenes in the short film because they blend film elements such as the fisheye lens, object, repurposing props, and contrasting wardrobes. First, it is rather important to understand the short film as a whole and all of the layers associated with it. The story begins with a man on a train who is attempting to light a cigarette. We only see this man for a few seconds and not much is known about him. In the next scene there is a busy street and a city. Then we see a man in an office who seems to be a private detective. Up until this point, the film looks like an old “Dick Tracy” stereotype. However, when the man answers the phone and is tasked with finding a computer hacker, it is clear that this is not the 1960’s. This is the first example of a theme where things seem old but are actually quite new. Next there are a few scenes where the detective, Ash, tries to piece together everything he can gather about the hacker Trinity.
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Phelps 2 Here he learns that there have been other detectives assigned to track Trinity down, all of which are either dead or insane. After that, he tracks down an insane detective discovers that the hacker likes Alice in wonder land references. He then finds Trinity in a chat room where Ash is instructed to meet her on a train. At this point, Ash is in the midst of crossing his first threshold . He has already been called to adventure by taking the job; he has understood the doubts and concerns when he found out how all other detectives have ended up; and he has made any preparations that needed to be made by contacting Trinity. Once he boards the train and enters the compartment, he has made his action across the first threshold. The guardian of that threshold is Trinity. “Often, their threat is just an illusion, and the solution is simply to ignore them or to push through them with faith (Vogler 129).” In the case of Ash, he had thought that he had an eye exam dream and that it was just an illusion. However, this dream was actually reality as agents had put a tracking device in him. It is this illusion of an illusion that complicates Vogler’s thoughts on a threshold guardian. While Trinity
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