Government Question Three

Government Question Three - GOVT 220 Professor Grose...

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GOVT 220 Professor Grose 5/30/05 The Whigs changing to the Republican Party empirically shows Aldrich’s theory on party affiliation. Party affiliation is very important when it comes to elections and candidates running. A candidate that is affiliated with a party has a higher chance of being elected than someone who is running as an independent. The reason why people choose to run under a specific party is because they are looking for the best outcome for themselves. In this case, it is to win. It is easier to get people to campaign for a candidate and for a candidate to be voted in by the people if they have an entire party backing them. This is why the popularity of the party matters greatly to the candidate and whether or not they should run under that party. The Republicans were becoming a political force. Van Buren’s concept of having two parties, not based geographically on slave or free states but on beliefs, was no longer working. The Democrats were pro-slavery while the Republicans were running on anti-slavery but not to the extent of abolition. The
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Government Question Three - GOVT 220 Professor Grose...

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