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Ilrob October 29, 2007 Culture and Meaning: The Sandhogs and Their Drinking Rituals I. Culture: a. Collective response to managing uncertainty b. A blue print for living or sense making devise c. Composed of two elements i. Ideology is shared, relatively coherently interrelated sets of emotionally charged beliefs, values, and norms that bind some people together and help them make sense of the world ii. Cultural forms express, communicate, and reinforce ideology: symbols, rituals, stories II. Alcohol is Cultural Form a. Alcohol is not simply a beverage b. It is a symbol with meaning i. God’s Good Gift ii. Demon Rum c. Inebriate/alcoholic as American Folk Devil d. Symbol embedded in rituals: standardized patterns of behavior that signal
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Unformatted text preview: how one ought to behave III. Ritual Effect a. Elements of Ritual Include i. Group Interacting ii. Common Focus of Attention iii. Common Emotional Mood iv. Sacred Object or symbol of the group b. Effects i. Consciousness of kind: who believes the same things I do? ii. Solidarity: Obligations of those who believe as I do iii. Ethnocentrism: We are the Best IV. Work Characteristics: a. Work in gangs that control all hiring and firing b. Work is emotionally engaging i. Dangerous ii. Friendship V. Alcohol as a Sacred Object a. Alcohol is powerful symbol of sandhog community b. If you do not drink, you cannot be a sandhog...
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