HareRawls - utilitarianism requires us to conflat[e] all...

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the equal interests of all are to be given equal weight in our reasoning”(324, cf. 326) IT MAKES NO (DIRECT) DIFFERENCE - if it is one unit of your happiness or one unit of mine - if it is one unit of my misery or one unit of yours - if all of the unhappiness accrues to one or a few people Rawls: (in a utilitarian theory) the distribution of goods “does not matter, except indirectly”(351) Utilitarianism is committed to saying that IF the total utility were maximized by enslaving and torturing some, then enslaving and torturing them would be right.
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(7) is a natural “extension of the principle of choice for one [person]” to society.(349) Why shouldn't society “balance satisfactions and dissatisfactions between different individuals” in the same way that an individual balances her own gains and losses over time?(349) RAWLS offers us a diagnosis of this move:
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Unformatted text preview: utilitarianism requires us to conflat[e] all persons into one. it does not take seriously the distinction between persons .(352) Does Utilitarianism really identify what makes slavery wrong? Is it really true that IF slavery maximized social utility it would be right? Hare thinks so. He thinks any ordinary intuitions to the contrary do not apply here. Rawls thinks not. Rawls thinks that our ordinary intuitions indicate that we recognize that:- the distinction between persons matters- neither Mill nor Hare has given us good reason to accept (7)- they have given us no reason to ignore the distinction between persons There may be some things that it is absolutely wrong for one person to do to another , regardless of how much overall utility would be produced. Utilitarianism cannot allow this....
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HareRawls - utilitarianism requires us to conflat[e] all...

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