Women in Advertising - Women in Advertising: We're moving...

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Women in Advertising: We’re moving along slowly but surely. Chrome is the color of the floor; billowing silver drapery act as the back wall. Rain is cascading down upon the emptiness of the vast room. Within a few seconds, a vibrant young woman appears in a tiny black cocktail dress dancing her way to the middle of the silver coated floor. It appears she doesn’t notice the rain, or she is just embracing the extra sexiness it’s adding. After us having to endure too much of the overly sexual dance, a man dressed to the nines appears. He swaggers into the room, bringing with him an air of dominance. He stares at the young woman who, at noticing him, begins to dance more provocatively. Then seemingly out of nowhere, Bridgestone Tires begin to roll across the floor with ease, gliding over the wet ground and circling the young woman. Our eyes can’t help but be attracted to the woman who then attaches herself to the man. They dance close to each other and around the room. Soon the woman is found draped over one of the tires and a voice-over begins to announce characteristics of the tire. Describing how sleek and agile they glide over a road. How the great the traction is regardless of rain. What do the woman and the man have to do with the traction of the tire? The answer is absolutely nothing. This is just another ploy used by advertisers to catch your attention. They use the sexual appeal of a woman dancing to draw focus on their “road gripping” tired. When I first watched this commercial I was confused on what exactly was being sold. I figured it was another ad for some luxurious perfume or fabulous jewelry. It wasn’t until the random rolling of tires did I realize it was a Bridgestone commercial. It just blew me away that although advertisers put so much focus on the woman’s body and erotic movements they would still make a good selling of the tires. I also noticed how the man seemed to control the woman. She danced with a more provocative style the moment he stepped in the picture. She was his
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object to control. She wasn’t there just to sell tires to lonely men. She was there to provide pleasure for the young man who, without words, had requested it. There are vast amounts of advertisements that focus on sex just as the Bridgestone one did. Whether it is cigarettes or cars, apparently a half naked woman can sell it. This makes me think. Are we really moving further in the advancement of equality for women? How can using women as objects of sexual desire in ads portray this notion? One ad in particular stuck out to
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Women in Advertising - Women in Advertising: We're moving...

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