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Barriers to Problem Solving - Barriers to Problem Solving...

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Barriers to Problem Solving - functional fixedness o perceive item in most common use - irrelevant information - Domain knowledge o What you know about a particular topic - Mental Set o Persist o Miss a simple solution - Unnecessary Constraints o Assume constraints Methods of Solving Problems - Trial and error o Discard - Forming Sub-Goals o Problems of Transformation - Searching for Analogy o Positive Transfer Increase in Probability of Solution o Negative Transfer Decrease in Probability of Solution - Change Representation of Problem Decision Making - Preference - Additive Strategy - Weighted Additive - Elimination by aspects - Consider most important factor first How to Judge Probability - Availability Heuristic o Prob. ease it comes to mind - Representativeness Heuristic o Prob. typical - Conjunction Fallacy Judge two events as more probable then a single
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Motivation and Emotion Hunger - Biological Factors o Stomach Contractions o Hypothalamus Lesion in Lateral stop eating
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