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Lecture4ParticipantObservation - A Globalization B...

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Lecture 4 Participant Observation and Anthropological Fieldwork I. Fieldwork and Professional Identity A. Fieldwork as a Rite of Passage B. Self as Instrument of Research C. Navigating Hyphens of self-other D. On the Prime Directive II. Early Anthros A. Armchair Anthros B. Realist Ethnographies (BM & MM) C. Reflexive Approach (positioning, age, sex, class) D. Beyond Culture Shock: "Plunging in" and being changed E. Social Anthropology (Europe) and Cultural Anthropology (US) Ill. Changing Times
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Unformatted text preview: A. Globalization B. Multi-sited, Co-Authored, Study up & down C. Quick Ethnography D. Post Structuralism and Texts (POOH, BAAH, YUCK) IV. Ethics A. AAA B. Universities & Human Subjects (HRBs) V. Preliminaries VI. Community Selection and Entrance VlI. Doing PO, Taking notes, & Writing up VIII. Varieties of Methods (Qualitative, Quantitative) IX. A Case of Nerves in Newfoundland: The limits of questionnaires X. Informants, Talking Partners XI. Goals of FW...
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