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Chapter 1 Politics – Process of seeking or maintaining power Government – composed of public institutions that have the authority to levy mandatory taxes and to allocate valuable things for a society Political Science – study of politics and government – build/test theories of political behavior. Political Culture – the attitude beliefs and behavior that shapes an areas politics; often a product of various historical and social factors unique to that area. 1. Mosaic – the joining of small pieces of material, varied in shape and color, to produce a whole image; often used to describe the social and cultural diversity that defines Texas. Texas consists of a society and culture that constitute many parts and fragments; there are historical geographic, economic, and demographic pieces. Also Texas’ mosaic emerge from history, certain historical events have
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Unformatted text preview: helped to shape political attitudes as well as political actions in this state 2. Native American – rock art dates to 10,000 years ago, hundreds of true bands and small family groups. 95% of them were killed by European disease, small pox, and cholera. Spanish assimilation Spanish – Alvar Nunez Cabeza Vaca was one of the first Spanish explorers by way of Florida, in November 1528. Nunez sent out on an expedition led by Francisco Vasquez De Coronado exploring the area of Texas searching for several golden cities, however even though their exploration proved to be an economic disappointment for Spain, they established for themselves an important territorial claim of Texas that went unchallenged for the next century and a half....
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