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Classification Essay - He was smart by taking advantage of...

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DeVry University Composition ENGL112 Classification Essay Mahanaim Peterson D02805882 Professor Thomas Le December 8, 2006
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Over time I have had many different coaches. Some were coaches in more than one sport. After many years of playing I found out what coaches had the best coaching skills. When I was in third grade my coaches taught my basketball team the basics of the sport. Even after we grew into teenagers they continued their great coaching skills by teaching us more. They not only taught us the basics about basketball but also the key factors of the sport. I believe they had immense coaching skills. The time came for high school basketball which meant I would have a new coach. This coach was very different from my old coaches. He was stern and to the point. He only wanted the best from a group of young girls eager to learn more about the sport they loved so much about.
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Unformatted text preview: He was smart by taking advantage of our dedication to the game. After the years past his coaching became yelling. This coaching skill was not a welcomed one. The team did not respect him when he yelled. He needed to learn to control his temper and stay calm. Although I loved basketball, I liked volleyball even more. My volleyball coaches were very kind and understanding. This is the best coach skill that there is. If a coach is patient with their team, the team will always respect them. I learned many new skills from my volleyball coaches. They made the team the best it has ever been in years. All these coaches did great jobs, but all had different skills that impacted me in their own way. I am very grateful to have such wonderful coaches in my life that taught me to be the best that I can....
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Classification Essay - He was smart by taking advantage of...

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