Informative - Myles Becker English 1310 Persuasive Paper...

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Myles Becker English 1310 Persuasive Paper Ryan Cornelius History of Ice Hockey Ice Hockey, a game played on a patch of ice with five skaters and a goalie at one time. “Most historians place the roots of hockey in the chilly climes of northern Europe, specifically Great Britain and France, where field hockey was a popular summer sport more than 500 years ago. When the ponds and lakes froze in winter, it was not unusual for the athletes who fancied that sport to play a version of it on ice.” (“History” n.d.) An ice game called kolven was popular in Holland around the 17 th century and eventually really came out in England. “In his book, Fischler's Illustrated History of Hockey, veteran hockey journalist and broadcaster Stan Fischler writes about a rudimentary version of the sport becoming popular in the English marshland community of Bury Fen in the 1820s.” (“History” n.d.) He explained that the game was called bandy, and players used to run around town’s meadowlands and hit a cork or wooden ball which was called a kit or a cat, hitting it with wooden sticks made from the branches of trees. Many people believe the games name rooted from the French word hoquet, which means bent stick. “A number of writers thought this game should be forbidden because it was so disruptive to people out for a leisurely winter skate.” (“History” n.d.) When the sport made its way over to North America, some of the earliest games were played in Canada. “British soldiers stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, were reported
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Informative - Myles Becker English 1310 Persuasive Paper...

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