10-12-06 - Notes - Daily To Do Lists Daily reminders...

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10/12/06 Psyc Notes Time Management is Multi-dimensional…. It involves: o Setting and prioritizing goals o Short and long range planning o Feeling in control of ones time o Being organized Having developed time management skills means doing well in all four areas. Positive Outcomes of Time Management Higher GPA’s Greater Satisfaction Less tension/anxiety Feeling less overwhelmed Self Regulation Through Time Management You can control your time by… o Planning you time (time planning) o Managing your tasks (task management) Long Term Planning Benefits “See” Responsibilities Responsibilities in ONE place Plan in advance Helps organize weekly schedules Weekly Schedules Do at least one week in advance Include all present activities first Schedule to reach goals Be consistent with semester planner
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Unformatted text preview: Daily To Do Lists Daily reminders Include a Prioritized list 1. Highest priority (must be done today) 2. somewhat important task 3. least important task Tips on Remembering to Use Your Planner Requires PRACTICE and REPETITION Plan your weekly schedule on the same day each week Make you daily To Do lists at the same time each day In the beginning remind yourself with Post-it notes Task Management: Following Through on Your Plans To help you feel more in control of your time o Learn to say NO o Do boring/challenging work when your attention is best o Be careful about over-planning o Be flexible o Be patient o Continually ask yourself, Is this the best use of my time right now?...
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10-12-06 - Notes - Daily To Do Lists Daily reminders...

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