Chapter 31 - Chapter 31 Since 1974 I. Caretaker...

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Chapter 31 Since 1974 I. Caretaker Administration of Ford Appointed Rockefeller VP, infuriated New Right Stagflation – Unemployment to 8.5, inflation to over 9 percent A. Election of 1976 Jimmy Carter of Georgia as a Democrat II. Carter Administration Domestically a series of failures in Congress, welfare and energy programs are defeated Inflation up to 13 percent in 1980 International diplomacy also in disarray, principal advisors Brzezinski and Cyrus Vance had opposing views Did settle Panama Canal issue by transferring it in 2000 and negotiated the Camp David Accords, established diplomatic relations with China in 1979 Stressed human rights as the basis for American foreign policy Iran Shah overthrown, led to hostage crisis Afghanistan seen as example of Carter’s weak leadership 1980 election Ronald Reagan wins, sign that Democrat coalition formed in 1930s at an end III. Reagan Supply-side Economics created massive deficits Appointed Sandra Day O’Connor, first female Supreme Court justice
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Chapter 31 - Chapter 31 Since 1974 I. Caretaker...

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