Exam1 - Sean McDermott Exam 1 For the readings, I decided...

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Sean McDermott Exam 1 For the readings, I decided to write my experience, thoughts, and opinions about articles six and one passage of article seven. I choose these two articles because they mean something to me in some way, more than any article presented that I’ve so far read. Article six is named “Have You Ever Heard of Asian-American Feminists?” The reason I choose article six is because I, myself am half-Asian male. I was born in Pennsylvania, lived in Europe for a few years, and was raised here in Manhattan for seventeen years. I have been to my mom’s homeland of South Korea two times on vacation and I definitely felt the cultural differences. I was young at the time, but I could see how women acted different there from here. Here in America, Asians are a minority and sometimes are treated disrespectfully due to stereotypes that surround them. One of my mom’s close friends had a daughter and she was raised to obey. Just like many eastern Asian cultures are, where families are stricter than they are here. If she didn’t receive a 100% on any homework assignment, quiz, or test, she would be grounded, yelled at, and have all of her privileges taken away from her. A necessary step to stop Asian women from obeying is to speak up and speak out. They’re taught to do as they’re told and will ultimately grow up with the same habits. Even I was told as a child that when I marry, I have to put my foot down and let my wife know that I am the man and I am the boss. This coming from my Asian mother, who also believes that women should not be allowed in universities or high-level position jobs, because she believes women should be housewives. I can only imagine what daughters must go through. In order for a girl to stand tall and stand out and 1
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stand up, she must be fearless, unflinching, and determined. She must justify the wrongs that are placed upon not only her, but upon all women. It’s hard enough for a woman to talk back to someone, even when she knows she’s right. It must be so much harder for
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Exam1 - Sean McDermott Exam 1 For the readings, I decided...

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