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Cambrensis: Topography of Ireland The chapter I chose to write upon in Giraldus Cambrensis’ Topography of Ireland is under the third distinction: ‘Of the Inhabitants of this Country,’ chapter XXIV: ‘How New-comers are Stained with the Same Vices. The chapter aims to explain why foreigners are as susceptible to corruption and evil as the Irish are. The passage explains that Irish people are so deeply rooted in ‘treachery,’ that by simply fornicating with, marrying, or living amongst them, foreigners cannot help but to fall into their malevolent ways. What made the chapter intriguing was the lack of responsibility Cambrensis seems to place up individuals for their behaviors. The English living in Ireland were as corrupt as the Irish, themselves. One would think, however, given Cambrensis’ bias against the Irish, that he might deny any British corruption within the country, whatsoever. Instead, he acknowledges it, yet allocates all the blame to the Irish, claiming that their culture is so scandalous and without morale, that the British are basically
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