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HAN DYNASTY Comination of Qin Structure and Zhou structre – centralized vs. Feudal Gov’t - LIU BANG (247-195BC) o a.k.a. Emporer Gaozu (202-195) o unified china o abolished all laws of Qin after taking role of emperor o peasant upbringing - Sima Qian – Records of the Historian o Wrote about Liu Bang - Liu Bang (emperor Gaozu) - Xiongnu go to battle with Han dynasty o different warfare – no set state – moved in groups/ransacked homes & took commodities o strategies of appeasement (han would give good/$/women) not good long term o xiongnu had loose structure, many tribes o - 133 BC: Emperor WU campaigns against Xiongnu o Established Tributary System: believe some areas better run by local gov’t – economic and political incentive o beginning of the Silk Road (trade route) o Trib. System lasted into 16 th century o Salt and Iron: Gov’t monopolized for money to fund itself
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Unformatted text preview: Said gov’t was entering into competition with locals by introducing trade Poorer people working hardest to produce silk, which was being traded by the rich for outside goods Gov’t setting bad example by profiting at people’s expense HAN CONFUCIANISM:-Han dynasty Confucian in theory not reality - Blended ideas of diff. philosophers-Emperor WU – established special universities to teach Confucius (civil service exams)-Confucians think gov’t should be example to people, not get involved in gov’t-Han gov’t not concened with morality-Cannon of Fililal Piety explains how each person w/ different role in society takes on different form of Filial Piety – and without it, government and society fail – people have to regard king/ruler as they do their parents, and remain loyal to him...
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