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Description Essay - relax before my day in the big apple....

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DeVry University Composition ENGL112 Description Essay Mahanaim Peterson D02805882 Professor Thomas Le December 8, 2006
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A simple vacation to the east coast turned into a great story about New York to tell my friends and family. When I first entered the long, dark tunnel to enter New York I knew it would be an exciting trip. After emerging from the winding tunnel, I could see the big city skyline. The skyline reminded me of the peaks of the mountains in Colorado. I thought the bumpy car ride would never end, but we finally arrived at the gorgeous hotel. The elegant hotel rooms were most defiantly nicer then my rickety house. After unpacking my extreme amount of luggage, I sat down to
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Unformatted text preview: relax before my day in the big apple. At five in the morning my sister-in-law and I dragged ourselves out of our comfortable beds to go to the Today Show. To watch the people I see every morning on television in real life was amazing. I called my mom frantically to tell her to watch me on national television. A day at the Today Show was great experience and I would love to do it again. Later that night we watch the bright fireworks exploded in the beautiful night sky. The fireworks took place over the river and the multitude of people could watch from the huge bridge over looking the water. These were the most dazzling fireworks I have ever seen....
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This essay was uploaded on 02/20/2008 for the course ENGL 112 taught by Professor Thomasle during the Fall '06 term at DeVry Houston.

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Description Essay - relax before my day in the big apple....

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