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QUIZ 3 study guide - SUI& TANG DYNASTIES • similar to...

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Unformatted text preview: SUI & TANG DYNASTIES • similar to Qin and Han dynasties o fairly short – come before two great dynasties • Buddhism prospered in TANG Dynasty Rise of the Sui o (still in the period of disunity) • Northern Zhou Dynasty (557-581) o Name chosen for symbolic meaning (Zhou) o Yang Jian – main advisor of emperor – married to emperor’s daughter (when emperor’s son dies, Yang Jian takes on position of emp. Wen) o Emperor Wen = “good guy” Wanted to reunify the empire Built the Grand Canal between the Yangzi Rivers and Yellow River in the north. Brought resources from South (rich) to North (poorer) – also provided means of communication and military transport o Emperor Yan Guang (of Sui) = “bad guy” Said to be “bad” b/c of strong willed, nonChinese mother Moved capitol of Sui west, to Luoyang & built lavish capital Achievements: • Expanded Grand Canal from Beijing (north) to Hang Zhou (south) • Rebuilt Great Wall (to keep out Northern barbarians) • Grain depots (regulate price and make sure everyone is well fed) • Roads (enhance transportation & trade) • Military campaigns problems: tried to do all this at the same time and the burden of labor fell on the peasants - - peasants become resentful and revolt Emperor Yan flees to the south to escape & is eventually assassinated by one of his ministers • Sui Dynasty (like Qin Dynasty) didn’t last long, but laid the foundation for the Tang Dynasty (how Qin Dynasty laid the foundation for the Han Dynasty) Rise of the TANG dynasty: • Li Yuan : Duke of Tang and founder of the Tang Dynasty o Son = Taizong - - the one who really did all the work – was a military strategist (tolerance in the south & consolidated power in the north) • Tang Dynasty was known for being philosophically and religiously tolerant, though they were Confucian • Emperor Tiazong of Tang (626-649): o Tiazong = LiShimin (b.600-d.649) o Has son – Emperor Gaozong (r. 649-683) • Wu Zetian (624-705): Tiazong’s concubine o After Emperor Tiazongs death she was t go to nunnery but Gaozong brought her back as his own concubine – when Gaozong goes blind, Wu Zetian rules from ‘behind the scenes’ – she has a son w/ Gaozong but he dies & she manipulates it so that another son of hers is placed on the throne ( she takes throne when 2 nd son dies) o Empress Wu = the only woman in Chinese history to gain throne (690- 705) – uses civil service exams to get ppl who support her into power and people who don’t, out – had a network of spies o After 705 she dies and chaos ensues- between 705-712 = period of instability • Emperor Xuanzong (712-756): re-stabilizes o Relationship with son’s concubine: Yang Guifei (d. 756) Manipulates Xuanzong so her relatives can occupy positions of power Falls for An Lushan (d.757) who wants position of general • Guifei gives general to relative instead & b/c An Lushan is angered, chaos ensues around 755 • Clighurs – group of non-Chinese: had monopoly on horse trade...
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QUIZ 3 study guide - SUI& TANG DYNASTIES • similar to...

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