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QIN DYNASTY (Qin dynasty preludes Han) - Confucianism becomes accepted belief - ZICHU – prince held hostage by Zhou o Likes LU BUWEI ’s girlfriend, though she’s pregnant w/ LB’s baby - Qin shi Huangdi (r. 221-210 BC) - Han propaganda o Confucian Social Heirarchy Literati – intellectuals who produce knowledge Farmers – produce food Artisans – produce tools/weapons Merchants - “tian xia” = “our land” – sense of nationalism in 3 rd cent. BC - FIRST EMPORER: o Writing system o Weights and measures o Roads – travel and control of surrounding region o Great Wall – keep out northern barbarians
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Unformatted text preview: o Li Si : Qin minister – showed 1 st emporer Han Feizi’s writings/ mistakes of the Zhou Han Feizi said enlightened ruler knows that humane government won’t work o Jia Yi : said Qin burned books (213bc) to keep people ignorant 1 st emporer reached height of power, abolished the ways of ancient sage kings and burnt the writings of the Hundred Schools. Demolished major cities, executed good men (execution of literati), and had weapons formed into statues FALL of the QIN:-death and chaos...
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