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Worksheet #5

Worksheet #5 - Bruna Koetz ED191W November 6th 2014...

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Bruna Koetz ED191W November 6 th , 2014 Worksheet #5 1. I had a required life skills class my freshman year of high school that was once a week for a six weeks. It covered the effects of alcohol and drugs, mostly through videos and worksheets. It didn't include much discussion and focused on students being substance free, as opposed to being safe with substances. Any other drug and alcohol education came from mother, who just told me that she never did drugs and that I shouldn't either. I would say neither of these had their desired effect. Originally it did keep me from experimenting with substances but eventually I thought that the positives might outweigh the negatives. However, to some extent I believe they worked in helping me be aware that drugs can be dangerous and affect your life negatively. 2. It would take me 3.25 drinks to reach a BAC of 0.055 and 4.25 drinks for my friend. Some individual factors that might impact this is that he weights more, and he is a male.
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