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Worksheet 7 - Worksheet#7 Sexual Health Relationships...

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Worksheet #7 – Sexual Health & Relationships, Building Empathy with Listening Questions should be answered on a separate piece of paper; typed, double-spaced, 12pt. 1. Please make lists of physical and emotional risks you associate with relationships? What are the major differences? 2. What hinders people from using birth control? What are some ways to overcome this? 3. Why do you think communication about sexuality is difficult? What can you do to make communication about sexual health easier or more comfortable? 4. After the readings and lecture, what are some tips you would give a friend about having positive sexual and/or romantic relationships? Including hookups? 5. What sexual health or relationship issues do you wish you would have received more information about in middle or high school? What tips would you give to a teenager? 6. Which suggestions about ‘moving on’ after rejection were most meaningful to you?
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