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Worksheet #8

Worksheet #8 - Bruna Koetz Ed191W December 2nd 2014...

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Bruna Koetz Ed191W December 2 nd , 2014 Worksheet #8 1. Some challenges in listening to your body could be that if you eat too quickly you might not feel full when you are actually full, distractions like watching television when you are eating could also keep you from being fully aware of what you’re eating. I could fully focus on eating when I am eating, instead of watching tv or doing homework. I could also take time to really think before I eat, think about whether I am really hungry or if I am just bored, and also on what I am eating, whether it includes everything I need to fuel my body. 2. My favorite 80% foods are avocadoes, spinach, chicken breast, hummus, black beans, bananas, and bell peppers. My favorite 20% foods are cheesecake, ice cream, chocolate, quesadillas, fried chicken, and pasta with Alfredo sauce. The 80 /20 rule is helpful because it makes me think it would be okay to take one day each week to eat whatever I want, which would be a good reward for eating healthy throughout the rest of the week.
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