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Worksheet#7 filled out

Worksheet#7 filled out - Bruna Koetz ED191W November 25th...

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Bruna Koetz ED191W November 25 th , 2014 Worksheet #7 1. Physical: STDs, unwanted pregnancy. Emotional: Heartbreak, regret, feeling depressed. The physical risks are only possible when a relationship becomes sexual but the emotional risks could happen even in a relationship where there is no sex involved. 2. The side effects of birth control, condoms reduce the pleasure of sex, and the cost of birth control. Women should be aware that there are various methods of birth control and each woman is different and may experience side effects and if they do they can attempt to find another method that can work for them. Inform people that birth control is given free at a lot of clinics. 3. I believe that talking about sex is difficult because it is still somewhat of a taboo subject in our society. Also the belief that abstinence is the best choice, especially when sex education is being taught in high school, can cause adults to feel that if
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