Genetics Chapter 9 - Genetics and Evolution Chapter 9...

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Genetics and Evolution Chapter 9 – Extranuclear Inheritance Extranuclear inheritance transmission of traits by genetic information contained in cytoplasmic organelles such as mitochondria and chloroplasts - important aspect of genetics several varieties of extranuclear inheritance - organelle heredity involves DNA in chloroplasts in mitochondria o analysis of inheritance patterns resulting from mutant alleles in chloroplasts and mitochondria has been difficult function of organelles is dependent upon gene products from both nuclear and organelle DNA many organelles are contributed to each progeny o chloroplasts – variegation in four o’clock plants Carl Correns – provides earliest example of inheritance linked to chloroplast transmission discovered variant of four o’clock plant conclusion – inheritance was transmitted through cytoplasm of maternal parent o pollen has no apparent influence on the progeny phenotypes o since leaf coloration is related to chloroplast, genetic information contained either in chloroplast or something influencing chloroplast must be responsible for inheritance pattern o chloroplast mutations in chlamydomonas model for plastid inheritance has single large chloroplast containing more than 50 copies of a circular double-stranded DNA molecule mt- parent that transmits genetic information to progeny cells opposite of what occurs with chloroplast-derived phenotypes o mitochondrial mutations: case of poky in neurospora
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Genetics Chapter 9 - Genetics and Evolution Chapter 9...

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