Chapter 10 Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism

Chapter 10 Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism - not significant...

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Chapter 10: Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism – Aerobic Respiration FIGURE 10-1 Cellular respiration – flow of electrons, through or within a membrane, from reduced coenzymes to an electron acceptor, usually accompanied by the generation of ATP - includes glycolysis, TCA cycle, electron transport, ATP synthesis - takes place in mitochondria – outer and inner membrane o outer membrane – contains transmembrane channel proteins (porins)
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Unformatted text preview: not significant permeability barrier intermembrane space – between inner and outer membranes of mitochondrian (or chloroplast) essentially continuous with cytosol with respect to solutes relevant to functions of these organelles o inner membrane – presents permeability barrier to most solutes, thereby partitioning the intermembrane space and the interior of the organelle into two separate compartments...
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