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Mid-Term Essay - DeVry University Composition ENGL112...

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DeVry University Composition ENGL112 Mid-Term Essay Mahanaim Peterson D02805882 Professor Thomas Le November 22, 2006
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Peterson The Consequences of Compulsive Shopping Compulsive shopping is not considered an addiction but it can lead to serious problems. Adult females are the main victim of compulsive shopping. A person may not always have this shopping problem, it could only be seasonal. Around the holiday season is when it is most likely to occur. When someone is lonely or depression shopping might be a way to make them selves feel loved. Although shopping will not make people love you and it will not making your problems go away it could be a temporary fix and maybe that it why people do this. The problems could be fixed until they realize they are not happy or that they are in severe debt. Compulsive shoppers almost always do not have the resources to cover what they have spent, which in turns leads to financial burdens.
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