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Forming Processes intro - Forming Processes Metal Forming...

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Forming Processes Metal Forming Fundamentals Plastic deformation is used to change the shape of the work piece. Desirable material properties for forming Under stress caused by external means,material must deform plastically w/o undergoin loss of cohesion Btween molecules. Common Metal Forming Parameters Information about the material being deformed Materials strength Materials fracture and formability characteristics Temperature effect on characteristics Ease of work hardening Speed of deformation Some materials will fracture if impact loaded but will deform plastically under slow-speed loadings Friction and Lubrication, and Temperature Thermally Activated Processes As temperature increases : Ductility increases , Yield strength decreases At higher temperatures: Little or no strain hardening occurs – due to recovery and recrystallization. Friction in Metal Forming Undesirable: Metal flow retarded, residual stresses, defects Forces and power to perform operation increased Rapid wear of tooling occurs Desirable: Assist process flow of material through forming steps Increase temperature into warm or hot forming range Hold work piece to forming punch or die Promote flow of metal into regions of die Primary Classifications of Forming Processes Hot Working Plastic deformation occurs above the materials recrystallization temperature Recrystallization temperature can vary greatly with material Low carbon steel
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Forming Processes intro - Forming Processes Metal Forming...

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