final exam study guides ch's 13 & 14

final exam study guides ch's 13 & 14 - -Are women a...

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Gender Stratification – CH. 13 Introduction: ‘Rule of thumb’ origins Gender and inequality: -Gender -Gender stratification -Male/Female differences -Jewish Kibbutzim -Margaret Meads Research (conclusions?) -George Murdock’s Research (conclusions?) Gender and Socialization: Gender Roles Gender and Social Stratification: Gender and occupations What has come to be an important challenge to male domination in the workplace? Housework? Gender – income/wealth Three factors that account for most of the earning differences BTW men and women? “glass ceiling?” -Gender and Education -Gender and the military
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Unformatted text preview: -Are women a minority? Feminism:-Basic ideas-Types of feminism .All chapter terms and concepts Race and Ethnicity – CH. 14 Introduction: Brown v. Board of Education ruling-Social meaning of race and ethnicity:-Race-Racial Types:-Why do people construct racial categories?-Ethnicity-Minorities-Two major characteristics?-White non-Hispanic people make up 70% of the population-Racism-Prejudice-Stereotypes-Theories of Prejudice:-Scapegoat theory-Authoritarian personality theory-Cultural Theory-Social distance-Conflict Theory-Discrimination:-Majority and Minority Patterns of Interaction:-Pluralism-Assimilation-Segregation-Genocide All chapter terms and concepts...
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final exam study guides ch's 13 & 14 - -Are women a...

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