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Relationship of Different Cutting Tool Materials When Cutting Mild Steel Approximate Surface Cutting Speeds for Various Materials Part Material HSS Cutting Tools feet/minute Carbide Cutting Tools feet/minute SAE-1112 200 600 low carbon steel 100 400 medium carbon steel (1045) 80 300 high carbon steel 20-50 150 gray cast iron 50 150 low alloy steels (4140) 60 240 Aluminum 200-800 600+ Tool material Approximate Cutting Speeds (listed in feet per minute) for Mild Steel (AISI-SAE 1018) Plain Carbon Tool Steel
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Unformatted text preview: 50 feet / minute High Speed Steel (M2) 100 ft./min Cast Cobalt Alloys (Stellite) 125 to 150 ft/min Carbides (C5) 300 to 400 ft/min or higher, surface coatings can increase speeds Ceramics 1600 ft/min CBN Material approaches hardness of diamonds, but is not appropriate for machining mild steel. Diamonds Essentially unlimited speeds but limited to shallow depths of cuts. Primarily used to cut non-ferrous materials...
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