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Persuasive Essay - requires complete and full attention to...

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DeVry University Composition ENGL112 Persuasive Essay Mahanaim Peterson D02805882 Professor Thomas Le November 29, 2006
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Peterson Minimum Wage The minimum wage rates are well below the standard of living in many states. Making only $5.15 an hour will not allow you to live comfortably or to even make “ends meet”. The Governments need to update every states minimum wage rates. Washington D.C.’s wage is already above seven dollars. If I lived New York, the minimum wage would already be above what I am making now. I have worked for the minimum wage of $5.15 as a lifeguard. In certain jobs as life guarding the pay should be higher than the minimum wage because we are trained to save the lives of others. Lifeguards have a lot of responsibility. I had to get another job to help pay for expenses because minimum wage was not enough to cover my existing expenses. Having too jobs put a lot of stress on me and made it hard for me to concentrate protecting lives. The job of a lifeguard
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Unformatted text preview: requires complete and full attention to the duty. They must prevent the need to save a life. You cannot be fully alert to what is going on around you if you are too busy worry about your financial problems. Another job would not have been needed if the states wages would be raised. This would allow full concentration on one job. Not only does stress come from your job but also other factors like school and family. Some people must support their family on minimum wage. This will put them below the poverty line and they will most likely need government assistance. 2 Peterson Raising the minimum wage should help take many families off government assistance. Some people may be going to school to get a higher paying job, but this it is hard to pay for schooling on a minimum wage job. So many students must take out loans to pay for school which puts them into debt. I believe many problems can be prevented by raising the minimum wage in many states. 3...
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Persuasive Essay - requires complete and full attention to...

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