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Engineering Drawings Product Design *Motivational Factors: *The need for a specific product. *The level of available technology. *Production capability and production cost. *Safety and Reliability *Marketability Product Design Phases *Concept *Prototype and Testing *Design Evaluation and Review *Manufacturing Review Tools of the Design Process *Freehand Sketches *CAD (Computer-Aided Design) *Rapid Prototyping *CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) *Manufacturing Drawings Product Specifications *A designer will create a series of drawings to communicate the necessary specification for a product.
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Unformatted text preview: These include: *Detail Drawings *Assembly Drawings *Sectional Drawings *Auxiliary Drawings *Multi-View Drawings *3D/Solid Model Drawings Specifications *Geometric features *Dimensions (size and location) *Tolerances *Precision *Material Specifications *Surface Roughness Requirements *Special notes, Revisions, Dates, Drawing Numbers, Part Numbers Rule of Ten: allocates more tolerance to the operation where more error is likely to occur. *This increases the capability of producing a quality part that meets the drawings specifications....
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