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Exam 1 Practice Problems

Exam 1 Practice Problems - How high does it go(735m 5 An...

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Exam I Extra Practice Problems: 1. What is your total displacement if you walk 15 meters @ 25 deg N of W and then 30 meters @ 10 deg N of E? (19.7m @ 36.1 deg N of E) 2. A car starts from rest and rolls down a hill reaching a final velocity of 24 m/s over a distance of 200 meters. A.) What is the car’s acceleration? (a=1.44 m/s 2 ) B.) How much time does this motion take? (t=16.7s) 3. A person stands at the edge of a cliff 25 meters above the ground and tosses a rock straight upward with a velocity of 14 m/s. A.) How long does it take to reach the bottom of the cliff? (t=4.10s) B.) What is its velocity just before striking the ground? (v=26.2 m/s downward) 4. A bullet is fired straight upward with an initial velocity of 120 m/s.
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Unformatted text preview: How high does it go? (735m) 5. An object is thrown from the ground with a velocity of 40 m/s up onto a building that is 12 meters tall. How long does it take the object to land on the top of the building? Assume the object hits the building on the way back down. (t=7.85s) 6. An object is launched at a velocity of 40 m/s and an angle of 20 degrees from the top of a 30 meter tall cliff. How far away does the object land? ( Δ x=166m) 7. An arrow is shot from a bow horizontally with a velocity of 89.4 m/s at a target 100 m away. How far does the arrow drop vertically by the time it reaches its target? ( Δ y=6.14 m downward)...
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