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Exam IV Extra Practice Problems 1. A compact disc spins so that it moves across the laser that reads the information stored on the disc at a constant linear speed of 1.25 m/s. A) What is the CD’s angular velocity when reading a track close to the center of the CD (radius = 2.5 cm) and B) when reading a track close to the edge of the CD (radius = 5.8 cm)? C) What is the average angular acceleration the CD experiences if it plays through all the tracks, from the inner tracks to the outer tracks, in one hour? 2. How much torque must a motor produce in order to spin a solid cylinder with a radius of 15 cm and a mass of 150 kg up from 1000 rpm to 2000 rpm in 2.0 seconds? 3. A 60 kg person sits 2 meters from the pivot on a seesaw while a 75 kg person sits 1.5
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Unformatted text preview: meters on the other side. What is the net torque and direction of rotation of the seesaw? 4. A uniform meterstick has a mass of 45 g and has three weights hung from it: 50 g at the 10 cm mark, 200 g at the 15 cm mark, and 750 g at the 80 cm mark. If you wanted to balance the meterstick on a support, where must that support be located and how much upward force must it provide? 5. Find the force in the wire and the wall where the beam attaches to it. Assume the beam is uniform, 3 meters long, and has a mass of 3 kg. (Note: the force from the wall has to have both horizontal and vertical components)...
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